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Tips for knitting a 7" square

We've provided a few stitch patterns for each weight of yarn below. Just click through to find the pattern and instructions on New Stitch a Day. If you're using your own pattern and not sure what size needle to use or how many stitches to cast on, check out this handy guide at 
DK (double knit) yarn

DK yarn is by far the most popular weight with knitters. Use a 4.0 mm (UK 8, US 6) and cast on approximately 38 stitches for stocking stitch. 


You may need to adjust your stitch count to accommodate the pattern you're using. For example, if your pattern has a 4 stitch repeat, then cast on either 36 or 40.

Aran weight yarn

Aran yarn is a little thicker than DK and will require a larger needle and fewer stitches. 


Try  5.0 mm (UK 6, US 8) needles and cast on 32 stitches.


Again you may have to adjust your stitch count to the pattern you're using. 

Chunky/Bulky weight yarn

Chunky yarn is even thicker than Aran and will also require a larger needle and fewer stitches. 


 Try a 6.5 mm (UK 3, US 10.5) to 8.0 mm (UK 0, US 11) and cast on 20-25 stitches for a 7 inch square. 

Don't be too worried about the exact size. We can use squares that are between 6 - 8 inches. In the end,  the most important thing is to experiment and see what happens. The size doesn't need to be perfect. Knitting stretches :-)


Send your squares to 24 Gabriel's Wharf, Water Lane, Exeter EX2 8BG or drop them off at any Knit-Stop group or the Mint Methodist Church on Fore St, Exeter.


Thank you!

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