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THE KNIT-STOP is an Exeter community project that uses knitting to help keep people and communities healthy and happy. Through knitting groups, we encourage people to get together to learn new skills, make new friends, and feel

good about themselves and their neighbourhoods.


It's not about knitting alone!


We believe that knitting in groups can help combat loneliness, isolation, low self-esteem, and even poor health - in people of
all ages. It can also help us to make good things happen in our communities.


We encourage ‘social knitting.’ We want people to get together
to knit. Knitting together means we learn about each other,
support each other, and can work towards more ambitious
shared goals!


Anyone is welcome to join our Exeter knitting groups - from those who have never knitted, to knitters who have lost skills or confidence, or simply don’t want to knit alone. 


We have open groups that anyone can join and will be starting new ones as time goes on and our budget allows.






We believe that everyone should have access to learning new skills.


Our groups are offered at a very low cost and are open to all - whatever your age or preferences (woolly or otherwise).

We believe that creativity is fundamental to being a person. It helps us to feel good and make good in our society. 

Our mission is wellbeing.
So we really care about the people and world around us.

Yep, we're mindful about resources. And most of all,
we hope you'll feel cared about
in our groups. 


We want people to have fun, and have a go.
No judgement, just the chance to feel free and play - it’s the best route to creativity and happiness.

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