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Tell us, what have you enjoyed about your 
Knit-Stop experience?


"It has helped my confidence and I've enjoyed the company of the other ladies, which has been good."


"I have discovered that knitting is very calming, have tried this and it definitely works." 


"...enjoyable to meet new people through shared activity. Have got knitting out when chatting with friends, found it very relaxing. I have got knitting out at home when feeling restless, mind buzzing, found it soothing."


"[I] Can now experiment with knitting and stitches as just learnt to do it left-handed! Really a miracle!"


" has reminded me how much I love knitting and how much fun it can be teaching others...reminded me I still have ability to enjoy myself despite disability."


What's so great about knitting?


"I think knitting cuts out the white noise in my brain... so I can think more clearly."

"Knitting relaxes me and feels quite natural."


"[knitting is] calming, centering...helps the mind to focus, to slow down..."










" I have learned lots from fellow knitters and especially Jane who has helped in many ways. Very blessed to have produced a cushion cover  and now going to make more!"

"wouldn't believe I'd be so interested and motivated and wanting to explore different patterns, making button holes etc, etc, etc...

Wonderful idea to have these courses... many thanks for including me..."

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